Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunday Super Sale!!

Who's excited for this Sunday?! The Super Bowl is a great time to gather with friends to enjoy the great competition, commercials, and of course the little yummies!! 

In addition to all the football fun you have come to expect on Super Bowl Sunday, I have one more thing to add to you list of why this day will be SO GREAT! Stop by my teacherpayteteacherspayteachersachers store to receive 28% off ALL of my products ALL day long:) I hope you'll stop by and score some big deals (who can resist this football humor?!)

Enjoy the big day! 

Who are you rooting for? 

More importantly, what is your favorite super bowl snack??

Much Love,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Waddle to It...Math Edition!

happy new year

Happy New Year teachers and friends!!

How was your first week back to school? I'm sure all you little ones were certainly excited to see you!

loooove how pleased this darling is with herself ....  Mona Lisa, step back, there's a new Queen of Smiles in town... it only takes imagination to see how big it is.

Now that the New Year frenzy has come and gone (I'm always sad to see it go!), it is that time of year where the wintery-enchantment of penguins begins in the classrooms!! I am using this post to round up some of the great ideas I have found out there and give credit to the many creative teacher authors.

Penguin giggle!

We have to start somewhere...let's kick off today's post with math! I'll be back tomorrow with literacy ideas...check back in:)

 I have posted previously about how I structure my math block in a way that begins with a whole group mini lesson, we break for 2 rounds of differentiated math groups, then we come back together to review and practice a little bit more!

These penguin math ideas would be PERFECT for adding to various math centers to be completed in small groups with their peers!

First about this idea from Erica Bohrer. I will be using a variation of this for my "writing about math" center during my penguin unit. Easy to differentiate for writers by providing the template (which is free by the way!) or students write their very own penguin story problems without the template on adorbs stationary for an added writing challenge! Thanks Erica for always sharing your fabulous ideas!

Next up...who hasn't seen these darling penguins to help teach about 2 dimensional shapes?! I LOVE them! I start teaching about geometry the exact week I start my penguin unit which works out perfectly, but even if it doesn't for never hurts to put these little guys up anyways to help teach and instruct! I found this at!

Silly  Shaped Penguins

My third idea is called "Penguin Doubles and Near Doubles." This is a great center to use when helping your little ones improve their mental math when adding double and near double numbers 1-20. Easy to set up AND easy to use. What's not to love?!

This last math idea I wanted to feature today is from Ms. Arnold at Oceans of First Grade Fun! This FREE download is great math fluency practice for all your little ones! I am definitely using this Ms. A...thank you for sharing!!


Well friends...those were some of my favorite penguin math activities I have seen out there the past few days. Do you have other favorites you would recommend?? I would LOVE to hear about them!

Hope to see you back tomorrow for more of my favorites for penguin-themed literacy!!

Much Love!