Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mousin' Around!

If it must be cold outside, than we BETTER all be in the festive, winter time spirit!

Pre-christmas season I started to get hooked on the idea of bringing cutesy back to my first grade classroom...they LOVE it after all! I was finding that in the never ending pursuit of perfection, efficiency, and the ludicrous number of assessments happening, I was too often losing sight of how to enjoy guiding my kids through the learning process. It is just so hard to find time to slooow down enough to enjoy those ah-ha moments when worrying about getting everything done. 

In this post you will see just a small showcasing of some of the work the bumblebees completed while reflecting on "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies." It must be said that my first few "cutesified" undertakings before Christmas time were borrowed from posts by a teacher at Upon visiting her site you will immediately find that she must be a great share-er, and I have been working hard to create fun, challenging units to...of course...repay the favor!

Students wrote response "If you take ME to the movies..." during Daily 5 writing rotation. Such great writing! I love how they remembered to use commas when writing a list of things for which they would ask!

                                                                                                           After reading the book, students were told how they were going to be movie producers! They had to recall every "scene" from the book. Each pair of students were assigned to a scene of our movie. They included details about the setting and characters while also writing dialogue for the movie characters. After finalizing their movie "scene" students sequenced the whole movie onto our filmstrip. They had a ball lining figuring out how to line themselves up in the correct order. They even practiced acting out the movie aloud using their sequencing words: first, next, then, ultimately! Fan-flipping-tastic comprehension lesson!
                                                                                                     Filmstrip outside of our classroom.

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