Monday, January 23, 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

 So it was back to learning as usual on January 2, 2012, and we spent the first week of the new year celebrating new opportunities! I am posting a couple different work stations I created to keep students enjoying this festive time of year that also align with our literacy objectives and fit in the Daily 5 model.

Party Hat Word Families

The first item posted is a 'Word Work' rotation where students first cut out each of the word family "party hats." Then, they wrote on various colored strips of construction paper (I suggest pre-cutting strips so that your kiddos have more time to dedicate to the heart of the activity) different words that are in the same word family. Students had a blast trying to think up the most creative, fancy words. One of my firsties recorded "NC State" as a word that belongs in the "ate" family. I thought that was just precious. After all the craftiness of pasting word strips to their party hats was complete, students filled in their thinking maps with the word family words.


"I want to ring in the new year by learning to spin on my head because it is cool. I also want to ring in the new year by being a scientist because it is cool too!"

Ring in the New Year Writing Package


The second template attached was completed by students during their 'Writing' rotation. We had previously discussed the idea of "idioms" being silly expressions. Students put their heads together and thought up idioms we use in our classroom all the time: hit the lights, piece of cake, see you later alligator, etc. Then, I introduced the idiom "Ring in the New Year." Students were forthcoming with responses such as "Come on, how can you REALLY ring in a new year? It's not a bell or something!" This was my cue that they had the concept of idioms down pat! 

They wrote all about how they would like to "Ring in the New Year" by setting goals for how they could make this year the best yet! My favorite part was being able to read through all of their hard work at the week's end and see how motivated all my firsties are!

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