Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tick Tock Track Out

     I teach in a year round school. So for those who are familiar with this type of system, you know that these mini track outs are heaven in terms of getting life's little errands completed (who has time for medical appointments and checkups?!) Usually, I try to not do a lot of school work over these track outs, but I was just too stinkin' excited by the thought of planning for my favorite classroom holiday...Valentine's Day...and the possibility of not living working for 12-13 hours a day in my classroom, to not plan as far ahead as humanly possible! So posted today you will find a couple of my Valentine's Day products that are available as free downloads at my tpt site. Please rate my products, and I hope you will choose to add me to your followers list because oh man, I promise to deliver with my next upcoming unit! 


     For those of you who don't know a lot about the year round school system, it has its advantages and drawbacks. It is a fabulous thing for the little learners who never stay away from school and a formal learning environment for more then a few weeks. It is also a lifesaver for teachers because usually about the time you feel completely and 100% spent you are able to start looking forward to a mini track out! However, there are some complications...I won't delve too deeply into the political challenges for the sake of sounding grumpy, but most issues result from the true purpose of why we have year round schools: lack of space and funding. We operate on a multi-track system so that the entire student population is never present at the same time. This cuts on operating and building costs while simultaneously capitalizing on the need for more space! Challenges occur in this regard when issuing "make-up" days...there literally are not enough rooms for every class. Also, the newly mandated law that extends our school year from 180 to 185 days for the coming year. Where are the kids going to learn if we don't have enough classrooms? There has been talk of Saturday school to cover the extra days in year round schools...I won't even mention my thoughts about that!

     The last interesting thing I will share with you in today's post about multi-track year round schools is that teachers literally move rooms. So next week on my work day, I will be unloading ALL of my resources, materials, chair pockets, EVERYTHING out of a storage closet and redecorating my classroom. I do this five times a year! Phew, I have become an expert on moving and keeping super organized to make the moving out and back in again process as fluid as possible! Do any of y'all work in a year round school too? What are your best organization tips for student paperwork?

     Tick tock...my track out time is running out. Back to running errands and planning for my next big unit! Become a follower so you can get it first and receive a special promotional offer!


  1. Best of success! I am also a new blogger. My recent posts include Water Bottle Learning Centers, Empty Altoid Tin Centers, and 3D books kids can make.


  2. Hi there! I am SO GLAD to read you/ I mean meet you. :-)

    I am now following you on TPT and will add your blog to my favorites as well. Thank you so much for offering your Valentine items for free. I have some very high Kinders and love to find awesome 1st grade things to challenge them.

    I am a K teacher in Harnett County, in good ole NC! So glad to see another NC gal on here. (Ok, so I am from the north, but am now a carolina girl at heart!!)

    Thanks again,


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  3. Hey Amy! Thanks so much for spending some of your time visiting my blog! This blog is in its beginning phase, but I will always work to post things that I know I would find valuable and worthy of a busy teacher's time!

    I can relate to differentiating for a broad spectrum of learners...I feel constantly stretched to develop lessons that will meet all my students at their maaanny different levels of learning!

    I am so glad to hear from another NC teacher too! It is truly amazing to feel connected to so many other teachers who are passionate about always improving for the sake of their kids! How long have you been in NC? I was born and raised in NC...I just LOVE it here!

  4. Hi Ellen- I just started following your blog and was excited to find other NC teachers too!

    Amy-I use to teach in Harnett County, NC at Boone Trail Elementary. I taught 4th and now I teach 1st in Asheville. We North Carolina girls are well represented.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Stop by my blog when you get a chance: