Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Girl!

Alright...Happy Tuesday to all the teachers out there! I am zonked from moving my whole entire room today from a far off shelf in a track out closet and into my new room waaay down the hall. On a positive note, I am excited to be just about all ready for my kiddos to return this Thursday!

As a result of moving furniture, hot gluing anchor charts, cleaning, and then rearranging furniture...I am not posting a new freebie or product tonight, but I will be this week!! However, I did want to share something with y'all that just made me smile (Lord knows I need an excuse to laugh sometimes on a long day of school mid-week!)

/\ Smile, chuckle, and enjoy!


  1. I LOVE hey girl! Just found your blog. I am your newest follower

    Apples and Papers

  2. I'm glad you stumbled upon me! I was looking through your blog too, and saw various hey girls in your posts too...so stinking funny! I'm your newest follower now as well. The more first grade teacher sharing, the merrier!