Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Froggy Time!

You Have to Kiss Some Frogs to Find Your True 'A'

I think it is so funny how kids just LOVE reading nonfiction books! I truly wonder at what point does it happen that nonfiction books begin to seem a little dry and not nearly as engaging as fiction or at least an informational text with some sort of story line?! I seriously wish that I was the kind of person that sat down to read a good 'ole nonfiction book in my free time, but alas...I am not. I do enjoy reading the newspaper, other history books (with some sort of story line wound in), and some good quality "fluff" literature, but I honestly can't remember many times where I have desired to pour over a nonfiction text (unless cook books count!)

 So my hope is to keep teaching my children about NF books in a way that is fun for them to track how much they learn while reading these types of texts! Maybe their love for NF will aid them in their highly academic futures and successes! Recently, we began a unit on frogs in order to buckle down on our retelling skills of NF books. I will be sure to post a more complete unit in the next few days, but here is just one small freebie I wanted to share at the moment until I can get my pictures of everything froggie in our classroom loaded to my computer!

You Have to Kiss Some Frogs


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  2. So cute! glad I found your blog, I'm a new follower!!

  3. I love that you're into the nonfiction with your little ones! It's so important and isn't always taught early enough. I also awarded your blog the Liebster. =)