Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Amphibian Researchers

Amphibians Literacy Rotations

We recently finished up a study on amphibians, and my little babes were hard at work learning all about this this slimy group of creatures!

For my group of first graders, this was a week long study. We kicked it off with a quick assessment of prior knowledge in this darling little frog-ifed bubble map! The kids wrote in things they thought they knew about frogs and other amphibians on the green spots, and then stuck them on the frog's body. As we studied amphibians throughout the week we would remove spots from the body if we found out that facts from our initial schema were, in fact, incorrect.

The little ones also completed a series of Writing and Word Work activities during our Daily 5 rotations. I have attached just a few samples of their super smart work! It's so hard for me to choose which photos to post because they all turned out so well (although a little blurry...I only have a camera phone!)

We have been doing a lot of studying on the parts of speech that work together to make up super, complete sentences, so these amphibious sentences were a perfect complement to our recent studies in writing!

This activity is accompanied by "Part of Speech" cards to aid students in manipulating and truly building super, amphibious sentences! They turned out great! I have already noticed a difference in some of my little writers' ability to understand what they need to include in a complete sentence. They are referencing terms like "noun", "verb", and "spicy adjectives" when editing their work for completion...success!

My personal favorite from this chickadees paper "A smooth toad did the wiggle dance." Way to build a super sentence!
I used this rotation work as an assessment to see how well my little ones were able to properly use various verb endings in their own writing to make the sentence 'sound right.' 

Students recorded fantastic facts they had learned about amphibians later in the week. My batch of children were all FASCINATED with the concept of an amphibians body being covered in mucus. Go figure! One little boy would always giggle at the mere mention of this fact saying it was like "The froggie's body had a little cold!" Precious.

 This unit is posted in my tpt store. I hope you will consider popping in at my store to check it out if you are interested in adding some new nonfiction flair to your own class's repertoire!


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  3. Looks like your students did a lot of learning! Isn't it funny what grabs their attention (mucus)? :)
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