Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Smile...You're a STAR!


I have a confession to make. Please don't judge me or think I don't like to celebrate classic festivities with my children...I assure you I DO! 

So the thing is, I really just didn't feel like teaching bout Dr. Seuss during his birthday week this year. You might be thinking..."Alert the police!" or "Who let the first grade Scrooge in??" but I just couldn't make myself get excited about it this go round.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. 

As a year round school teacher, I chose to credit my lack of enthusiasm for the holiday this year to the fact that my children all had the same kindergarten teacher last year who does a GREAT job with Dr. Seuss week! So I figured, why should I try to out-Seuss her?!

Hence...The First Grade Academy Awards. I got to thinking, and decided that I would create my own unit so that my poor, Seuss-less first graders wouldn't feel neglected or anything! I hope you enjoy looking through a few of my photos from the week of my First Annual, First Grade Academy Awards Unit! 

Students walked the red carpet when they entered the room! We did a super fun "Spelling Word Walk" on the last day of the unit where they read out the words as they sashayed from one word to the next!

All week we completed activities that related to the famous party that celebrates some of the biggest stars...after all, I figured it would be fun for my little babes to feel like "big" stars for a week too!

Making their own famous Hollywood-style hand prints! I used Model Magic, and students wrote their names and decorated their famous prints! They turned out so so cute, but I forgot to take a picture of the prints drying out in all their glory. Sad realization.

This was used as a "Dramatic Play" rotation during Guided Math. Kids took turns "playing" vendor or customer. It proved super challenging to figure out what on earth to order with just a dollar while also having to make change using the least amount of coins. We joked how "You wouldn't pay for your food with 70 pennies...that would be CRAZY!"
I kept a mini whiteboard close at hand so that vendors could practice using 10 frames to assist with making change for a dollar. So fun!
Don't you LOVE how they all dressed for the red carpet?! I sent "invitations" home at the beginning of the unit to the "First Grade Academy Awards" and on Friday students came in their Sunday best! I also had an assortment of neckties and fancy jewels for children to further bedeck themselves. The girls were in heaven! The boys...enjoyed selecting the goofiest ties they could get their little hands on!
Included in the unit are all sorts of activities across the content areas of writing, word work, and math. I hope you'll check it out at my tpt store or be inspired to find a new fun way to make your own little ones feel extra special for a day!

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