Monday, March 19, 2012

What a Wonder-Full World Freebie!

Wonder-Full World freebie!

A couple weeks ago I began a unit that revolved around the concept of asking questions...and actually listening to the person's response! It all began when planning to teach the objective of how to periodically pause and ask yourself questions while reading so as to improve your comprehension. Wow. I have willingly dragged out this unit because I feel like it is SO important to being a better learner AND a better friend!

Prior to even going near the idea of using questions to assist in reading we practiced asking questions using what I called a "wonder cube." The basic cube template had "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" written on its faces. Students began by asking basic questions with assigned buddies and practicing how to be active listeners and asking "piggy back" questions. Boy, was this tough stuff at first, but it was amazing how much better they got throughout the week. What good friends they can be now by offering a listening ear!

That brings us to my Wonder-Full World freebie! I plopped these little babies into a writing rotation throughout the week. They had already practiced asking questions and answering in a complete sentence or what we called "question form." I found that these were super helpful in solidifying their ability to ask and answer questions in complete sentences!

I displayed the provided 'Wonder Word Clouds' on a cut out I made of the earth to serve as a reminder of how to use the words in our writing!

Enjoy. Listen. Learn.


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