Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Giveaway! Making this week a LUCKY one!

Yesterday afternoon I finished packing up, moving out, and left my classroom ready to go for its next teacher with her own little darlings to begin their learning! I drove away from my school without turning back...I love my little ones and all, but a little time to recharge during a track out  is always welcome! The joys of a year round teaching schedule.

My first act as a "free" teacher, ready to roam my city was to...head to Barnes and Noble for its night to honor educators. Gosh, it does sound dorky to admit. I spent some time getting to chat with other teachers and the B&N spokesperson who was just so friendly and sweet! Teachers were able to collect a few freebies, and I know my little babes will be excited to check them out when we return to school! Also, all county teachers were able to enter a little drawing to win a Nook Color.

I filled out my paper slip, and even asked for a new one (after of course discarding the first!) when I worried that my handwriting wasn't neat enough on my original slip...I wanted to make sure they could read my contact information right?!

Well what do you know, today I was driving to a fabric outlet store to shop for new drapery fabric to stitch over my break when I got a phone call from the friendly lady at B&N!! All I could think about was "Thank goodness I opted to rewrite my slip with my neatest handwriting!" This is such a teachable moment!
I have never won anything of real value before so I am just beside myself right now. I have this gorgeous yellow and cream striped fabric in front of me just pleading to be sewn and pleated, but it has to wait because my attention is currently being captured by my newest reading device.

 In honor of my good fortune, I would like to pass on the "I'm SO lucky" feeling! Upon reaching 100 followers I will give away a freebie package to 3 WINNERS using the random number generator! The package will include an assortment of units from my tpt store.

Discover Plants Unit
Circle Up! Literature Circles for Young Readers
The Academy Awards: A Night at the Oscars Unit
Amphibians Literacy Rotations

Y'all are fabulous and deserve to feel as lucky as your children are to have you as their teacher!!


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