Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hallelujah! Leaning Tower of Chocolate and Marshmallow Crescent Rolls!

Happy Easter to everyone!

I don't know about y'all, but I am zonked after a weekend full of preparation for today's big, after church lunch! I baked BIG TIME yesterday, and let me tell you this new cake recipe threw me for a loop! I saw the idea for a three layer, chocolate sour cream cake and thought to myself "oh yum, that sounds perfect!" It was delicious, but about 20 pounds of chocolate later this is what I got.

I usually somewhat pride myself on presentation and my piping bag abilities, but I was way out of my skill set with a cake this large. What initially started out as carefully swirled rosettes quickly morphed into Mission Rescue-Too-Heavy-and-Cracking-Cake. My patience got to me, and the cake became a Leaning Tower of Pisa Chocolate. Tah-da!

This morning I wrapped up my Sunday School rotation in teaching about the resurrection. The lesson is a "bread of life" cooking activity where the little ones roll up a marshmallow (Jesus) inside a crescent roll (tomb) after reading part of Luke's gospel. We make connections while reading and discuss our predictions of the setting and other imagery while waiting patiently for the rolls to the women waited to return to Jesus's tomb.

P.S. Do y'all find that when you read to your kids at home you model the whole retelling process?? I am just terrified that my future babies will always think "Ok mom, get on with the story and quit your yakking about text to world connections...!" Just curious...I always ponder this when doing read alouds or working with kids outside of my regular classroom!

Finally, when the kiddos get their hands on the warm rolls we all open them at the same time and marvel at the disappearing marshmallow. It's just such an authentic lesson in showing kids how just because the physical form of something has changed doesn't mean it's not still there. What a fantastic thing to realize. We can always hold the Easter miracle in our hearts. Hallelujah and Happy Easter!


  1. I love that idea of the marshmallow in the cresent roll to represent Christ in the tomb! And I think your cake looks great! Way better than it would have looked had I attempted it. :)
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  2. Hi Ellen!
    I just found your blog and I am your newest follower. I also teach first grade in NC - Davidson Co. though. I am also tagging you! Stop by my blog later tonight to see. (I am getting ready to run out again to see my niece for Easter.)
    :) Tamera

  3. Tag! I just tagged you in a little bloggy get to know you game. Visit my blog to check out the details!