Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prep for Spring and Earth Day!

"Discover Plants" is perfect for prepping your class for Spring and Earth Day!

How is it already April?! I think spring is just crazy busy for everyone, and I have been way stru-guh-ling to get everything done in a mere 24 hours a day!

Recent news at our school revealed that we are now strongly discouraged to use...paper. HA! I laughed when I heard the news. With budget cuts we have now exceeded the allotted amount of money for paper, and teachers are now faced with the reality of rethinking the ways we plan, teach, and motivate our students. In all seriousness though, I am choosing to think of this as a blessing! After all, this news has come at a fitting time seeing that it is now SPRING and Earth Day is right around the corner! It has forced me to not get to comfy with the plans and routines I had in place, but rather inspired me to revamp, redesign, and recreate! It has been fun, and teaching always is eons better when I am as excited about what I am teaching as I expect...and hope...and pray...my little ones to be!

So without further ado I present my "Discover Plants" discovery based unit. This unit is PACKED with 45 pages of experiments, recording sheets, vocabulary cards, anchor charts, and creative application of learned knowledge. Also included is my integrated "Plant Writing Menu." These items will keep your little ones learning and growing for weeks!

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