Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let Them Eat Pie...A Second Helping

Word Wall Pie

In my last blog post, "Let Them Eat...Pie!" I detailed one of my most favorite word work games to play with my little ones! Today, I present you with a fun, math-integrated word work activity that is GREAT to plug into a rotation during The Daily 5!

It is a "second helping" because it too has to do with pie...I LOVE dessert! I love the quote from that quirky show "The New Girl" where they talk about how they don't trust someone who doesn't like dessert, and I completely identify with this statement!

So anyways, the name of the game is "Word Wall Pie...Spell with Fractions" and it includes two variations depending on whether or not the students are focusing on searching for vowels or consonants.

Word Wall Pie

I like to first have my students spell out their word wall words with tiles prior to completing the activity. 

Students must count the number of consonants or vowels and then the total number of letters in each word. Next, students manipulate the tiles on the provided circle boards to visualize the fraction of consonants or vowels in each word. I find that it is really helpful for students to see the letters on the circle board to assist them in completing the activity. 

Lastly, students simply write the fraction and draw a picture of their vowel or consonant "pie" on their accountability sheet!

Ta-dah! Fractions made fun by simply highlighting the pie aspect to your own little ones. I hope y'all enjoy!


  1. I LOVE this!!! What a cool way to show fractions:)

    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  2. What a great way to integrate reading & math!! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure