Monday, May 21, 2012

Let Them Eat...Pie

So after a mini-hiatus from my computer, I am now back to continue on with my blog post series that's all about WORD WORK!

My first introductory post on this topic, "Feature Presentation...Word Work" highlighted the importance of encouraging a high level of accuracy to develop a successful word work program in my classroom. Grab my freebie graph to use in your classroom if you haven't already and would like to have a way of monitoring your class's progress towards becoming fantastic spellers!

Tonight's mini presentation if a fave of mine! I LOVE desserts, and I like to tell my little ones that I planned out these word work activities and games while baking..."I think of y'all even when I'm at home baking!" So true, and I think it makes them feel loved:)

So the first game is a surefire hit called...Lemon Meringue! Yum. I mean how could this game be bad?!

The rules:

 Teacher and students all begin by holding hands while standing in a big circle. The teacher calls out various spelling words (or words that require students to apply the phonics skill currently being taught...they love a challenge!) and selects a student to kick off the fun and games.

Next, the selected students begins to spell the word by calling out the first letter. After exclaiming the first letter they simply squeeze the hand of the students standing beside them to let them know it's their turn to have a go! For example, teacher says the word is "burst." Selected student says "b" and hand squeezes to Student 2 who says "u." This continues until the word is successfully spelled and the hand squeeze is passed to a student who must then state the word that has just been spelled! My little ones favorite part is after they have correctly spelled the word as a team they all hand hug and do a little dance while chanting this sort of happy tune--I think I must have done it once, and it just stuck!

Phew! You have to be on your toes and listening carefully to stay in this game, because if a student's hand is squeezed to spell or state the word and they're not ready then the kids will giggle "You sour lemon!" The sour lemons sit in the middle of the circle and continue to participate in the game with their giggles and stating of the correctly spelled hard feelings...I promise! We talked about how it's hard to spell things on the spot sometimes, and being a sour lemon sometimes is just part of the game;)

Give it a go, and let me know if you and your little ones like it! I think it is one of my most favorite word work games because it requires a lot of focus, listening, teamwork, and ALWAYS results in loads of giggling!

Stay tunes for Let Them Eat...Pie part II before moving on with other staples to the way I like to set up and practice word work in my classroom in the coming week!

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  1. What a cute game. I will definitely be giving this a try next year. I can hardly wait to see what the Part II is. :-) Thank you for sharing!