Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teacher Appreciation JACKPOT!

 Teacher Appreciation Sale

I hope that by now people have had the chance to pop into my store and pick up my special freebie for the day:  
The Academy Awards: A Night at the Oscars

The Academy Awards: A Night at the Oscars!

This unit is usually priced at $4.00, and includes rotation plans and activities in the areas of word work, writing, and math that will keep your kids celebrating their learning for a whole week!

I completed this unit with own batch of kiddos during the week leading up to the Academy Awards, but think it would be the PERFECT unit to complete as an end of year celebration too!

I hope y'all enjoy this freebie because you deserve lots of teacher love in the midst of this gigantic sale!

Here in sunny North Carolina, the weather is warm, summer is just around the corner, and our little ones are just about ready to move-it-on-up to the next grade!

We have all worked our little tails off this year to make sure our students have grown their brains, and even more importantly, are ready to be successful in their future years as well!

In the true spirit of teacher blogging, which is really all about sharing inspiring ideas with fellow teachers to benefit ALL of our children, it is important to celebrate and reward all of our efforts! I am also thankful to the website Teachers Pay Teachers for its dedication to providing an accessible source for sharing products and ideas in addition to the blogging world...wahoo!

So to show my gratitude to all the fellow teachers out there who go to work with a smile on their face and a positive attitude (even when non-smile-inducing events happen in our lives!) I have teamed up with April from A Modern Teacher, Laura from Corkboard Connections, Adrianne from The Tutor House and over 130 bloggers to bring you an incredible teacher appreciation event! This is a blog hop you do not want to miss!

So my dear teacher friends this Sunday, May 6th, you will have the opportunity to download BUNCHES of teaching materials for FREE!! Over 130 participants, myself included, will be giving away one free product to celebrate and honor YOU! All free products will be valued between $3 and $8. So for all you math whizzes out there, that means you could be pocketing $450 worth of free lessons in just one day! Consider this my Sabbath Day gift to take the day off from planning!

If you are interested in PreK-2 products, be sure to come back and visit here on Sunday for the jackpot where everyone's FREE PRODUCTS will be listed.

Here are all the links you will need:

PreK-2: Teacher Appreciation Jackpot
3-5: Teacher Appreciation Jackpot
7-12: Teacher Appreciation Jackpot
ALSO,  Teachers Pay Teachers will be holding a sale in addition to this grand Teacher Appreciation Jackpot event!! I would be honored if you drop by my store this Sunday to pick up some of my products (which my students think are pretty flipping fantastic!) for your own class of little ones ON SALE!

Happy shopping my friends...this is the jackpot spree you deserve. Feel special, because you SO are!


  1. I just found your blog! I teach in NC too!! I'm your newest follower:) I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime.
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  2. Thanks for the freebie! I am glad I found your blog! I also teach 1st grade! Hope you'll stop by.

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  5. Thank you for the freebie!
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  6. This is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing. We are your newest blog and TpT followers. So happy to have found you through the jackpot. :)

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  9. I found your blog through the Teacher Jackpot. Your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower.

    Thanks for the wonderful freebie! I can't wait to use it!


  10. Thanks for the freebie! You have a great blog. I am your newest follower. I also teach 1st grade and have just started my blog. I hope you will check it out!